This is the world of 6G

The first step is to map the landscape, identify specific needs, review complementarities and gaps.

This will make it possible to establish a roadmap to maximize the impact and opportunities for Belgium in a future world where a region’s competitiveness will depend heavily on the frictionless use of artificial intelligence.

  • the associated public and private data flows
  • the link between the physical and virtual worlds
  • the know-how around it.

We will take in account both sustainability for 6G and 6G for sustainability.

6G Advantages

Extreme High Data Rate

Peak Data Rate > 100 Gbps
Exploiting new Spectrum Bands

Extreme Coverage

Gbps Coverage Everywhere
New coverage Areas (Sky, Sea, Space...)

Extreme High Reliability

Guaranteed Service
Secure, Private, Safe, Resilient

Extreme Low Latency

Very Low Latency <1 ms
Always Low Latency

Low Energy and Cost

Affordable mm/THz New Waves
Devices Free from Battery Charging

Massive Connectivity

Massive Connected Devices
Sensing Capabilities & High Precision Positioning


combining the contributions of the best academic research groups and institutes across Belgium.

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